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Connie Loaiza

Milk And Tea: Are They Healthier Together Or Not?

2 min read

Drinking tea could help you lose weight, new research has found - how about if you add some milk to it?

There are lots of potential health benefits of tea. Take, for instance, weight maintenance.  Tea has many active ingredients that affect our health. It is particularly rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It is found to improve our immune system, to control blood sugar levels, reduce damage to cells and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


With that being said, tea itself is amazing, so how does milk affect it?

According to The Guardian, milk appears to modify the biological activities of tea ingredients, it is likely that the anti-tumour effects of tea could be affected, but on NPR it was stated that the amount of milk is not going to greatly interfere with the way it is absorbed. Instead, it was clarified that milk proteins may slow down the process, but there's no evidence that milk may cause irreversible binding. Milk does not stop the bioactive compounds of tea from being absorbed.

To conclude: Adding milk to tea may reduce some of its healthful propertie

You may choose to drink tea with a little bit of milk to make it taste better, but the way you prepare your tea and milk may affect the tea's benefits.


You can drink tea on a regular daily basis. Just remember not drink too much tea a day, everything should in moderation. If you're concerned about health risks, there has been no reports of any dangers to moderate drinking of milk tea.