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Connie Loaiza

Sneaky Exercises (Without Even Trying!)

3 min read

Exercise is a bonus.  Exercise helps your heart get stronger, can help build muscle, typically gets you outside the house and absorbing vitamin D, and brings you a load of other health benefits. With our busy schedule and tiring activities, fitting in some time to exercise can be a bit dragging and tough.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that hard. You can actually exercise without even trying!  Make a few changes to your life together with these tips and you’ll be in better shape and mood in weeks!

Here are some sneak ways to exercise in your day to day life:

Clean your place every weekend.

Yep, that’s right – bet you didn’t know a house can be dreadfully packed with dust in just 2 weeks. Cleaning can be tons of fun, too, especially seeing the results afterwards. Cleaning doesn’t just leave you feeling satisfied, it will also serve as your exercise! That’s killing two birds with one stone. To make the most it as an exercise, I’m walking about moving the furniture, scrubbing the walls and all that. It’ll keep your heart beating and your house sparkling!

Maintain a good posture.

It may not sound exercise-y to you, but poor posture is one of the worst things you can do for your body. Making a conscious and mindful effort to straighten your back when you sit down will wonders for your health and energy levels. It can make you look more confident, thus, you feel great!

Always take the stairs.

Marching up the stairs can also keep your heart pumping! There’s evidence that even minimal amounts of resistance exercise can boost your body’s levels of a substance, which encourages calories from food to be stored in muscle cells rather than as body fat.

Walk a bit more.

If the bus drops you off not so far from your house, make an effort to walk from there. A brisk walk is one of the best natural energizers around and it can boost blood circulation. Don’t always take cabs and all, get the chance to take a walk! Learn more about walking here.

Exercise doesn’t have to be the same routine from day to day. We’re all busy here – and we’re lucky if we have time to hit the gym or go for a run! With some creativity and effort, you can slip in some activity for yourself along the way.