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Connie Loaiza

Warm White Rose Flowers String Lights (From Amazon)

2 min read

Ah, there's nothing better than going home to your room with a pretty, relaxing ambiance.

I think I was just able to do the best purchase I've ever done online! I got cute, decorative lights from Amazon!

Warm White Rose Flowers String Lights (Seller:  EchoSari)

You see, these are two of my favorite things: ROSES and LIGHTS.

It has 20 bulbs and it's battery-powered. For the price, quite a deal. I'm not complaining. Quality seems to be good. I was surprised how it's actually made of soft fabric when it looks a lot like plastic on the photos.

Its length is just long enough to reach over my bed and a little bit on my side table, which is how I want it to be. I love fancy lights because they add up to the ambiance, since my room is where I meditate. It's pretty handy, too. Since it doesn't have to plugged, I can bring it anywhere. Well, it's not like I'm gonna bring it anywhere since it's sort of fragile... Y'know, if I ever I throw a party or such. My point is, they're easy to set up because you can put them just about anywhere, and they'd still look lovely.

They are beautiful! They add a nice touch and so much personality to my room, but unfortunately, I was expecting something like what it says at the decription. It says there that its light is "warm white" but it's most definitely yellow! Upon reading the reviews, I knew I wasn't the only one. But nevertheless, I still love it when I close the lights and leave these little pretty roses to glow. 

If you fancy decorative items and pretty things, these are great to decorate your room or outdoor walkways, for parties, weddings or even festivals. :)