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Connie Loaiza

What Does Your Skin Say About Your Health?

3 min read


If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your skin is the windowto your health.

The food we eat and the habits we do can reflect vastly on our skin. Your skin can reveal a lot about your lifestyle, according to health and beauty experts.  It doesn’t surprise me that when there's something wrong with you on the inside, your skin sometimes sends the first warning signs.


Let’s take a look at what our skin says about our health, with some of these conditions:


Dry, Itchy Skin

The causes of dry skin could be cold air, hot showers, and uses moisturizers that aren’t suitable for your skin. If your dry skin turns into an intense, annoying itch that leaves red marks, your doctor may want to rule out some serious conditions like eczema, thyroid problems, renal disease or a kind of cancer but only in rare cases, depending on the severity of the symptoms.


Acne could mean that you are stressed. In some cases, hormones like testosterone vary throughout your cycle and make your glands produce more oil, which can eventually clog your pores and result in acne or pimples. There’s nothing to worry about that because it’s normal, but acne can also have several complications, including pustules and cysts, both of which can appear on the skin's surface. Acne can also cause scars.


Blue Leg Veins

This could mean that some of your veins are no longer working correctly. Blue-to-purple lines could lead to varicose veins or spider veins, a weblike network of smaller blue or red veins closer to the skin's surface. Varicose veins are larger, darker, and sometimes raised and embossed on the skin. In most cases, this happens on people that are over age 50, typically in women.


Puffy Eyelids

Puffy eyes show that you probably didn’t get a good night’s sleep. But what if you slept well yet you still have puffy eyelids? It could be because you slept on your stomach. That can also cause fluid accumulation around the eyelids. If it’s puffy and red, you may have an allergy or you’re suffering from an allergic reaction.


Dry Lips

Dry lips are usually caused by saliva, dehydration, cold wind or vitamin-B deficiency, but your lips can say a lot about your health. If it’s severely cracked, dry lips may be a reaction to medication, a symptom of allergy, infection, or other conditions.

These normal conditions of your skin can say a lot about your health, just like how good health often is reflected in an attractive, youthful appearance. These flaws can signal underlying health issues so it’s important to be aware. If you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor or dermatologist.